Unitary Rubber Accessibility Matting

ADA & Verified Mass 521 CMR Compliant, Economical and Maintenance Reducing US Playground Surfacing’s Unitary Rubber Accessibility Matting for Playgrounds Ideal for Accessibility on Engineered Wood Fiber Playgrounds.

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  • Ideal “Compliance Solution” for Wood Fiber Playgrounds.
  • About 1/3 the price or less of Poured in Place (PIP).
  • Basically, towns can make 3 rubber Accessible Matting EWF playgrounds for the same price as 1 PIP playground or build a much bigger, more exciting, safer, and accessible playground for the same amount of money!
  • Can be installed on top of existing PIP playgrounds rather than trying to repair the PIP playground surface.
  • Pre-manufactured components are simple and economical to repair if ever needed.
Reduces Playground Wear and Maintenance
  • Our Accessibility Matting has an additional major advantage of reducing wear and maintenance, especially in high traffic areas like swings and slides. Common sizes are available for swings and slide high-wear zones.
  • Professional installation is readily available.
  • Updating a playground is very quick, most playgrounds can be installed in a day regardless of the weather. Lead times to deploy, install and convert a playground to an accessible playground is very short, basically a day or two.
Other Advantages
  • The combination of the rubber Matting on top of an Engineered Wood Fiber Playground gives CFH, Critical Fall Heights of 20 feet (click to view 20-foot CFH IPEMA certification).
  • Gives playgrounds a significant safety factor that poured in place playgrounds normally do not have!
  • ASTM Testing showed our Unitary Rubber Surfacing improved fall protection in all cases.
  • Compliant for Use Zones, Accessible Routes, Turning Places, etc.
  • Encourages the use of Handicapped Equipment.
  • ADA and Mass 521 CMR Compliant Unitary Rubber Playground Safety Surfacing.
  • Meets the ADA and 521 CMR Guidelines for a Firm, Stable, Slip Resistant, Permanent Surface.
  • Warrantied
Design Flexibility
  • It is attractive, adaptable, and can be added at any time in the life of the playground.
  • Choose partial or whole playgrounds compliance by selecting the areas you want to cover; it does not have to be the entire playground.
  • Our USPS Accessibility Matting is normally installed in pathways at least 5-foot-wide giving it more than 1 1/2 times the width of most PIP pathways. This gives an accessible path easier for wheelchairs to stay on.
  • The Accessibility Matting can be easily painted to whatever color you desire.
  • Can be easily expanded to other areas at any time.
  • The Accessibility Matting is excellent for updating existing EWF playgrounds.
  • Other applications: Parking Areas, Golf Course Cart Ways, Soft Beaches, Walking Trails, Wet Areas, etc.

Introducing a New Generation in Unitary Rubber Accessibility Matting – ADA & Mass CMR Compliant, Economical, Maintenance Reducing Playground Safety Surfacing.

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