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LMADRS Playground Matting Installation Instructions

  • Installers should ensure there are 12 inches of IPEMA Certified Playground Safety Surfacing on the entire area before starting. o If not, add IPEMA Certified Playground Safety Surfacing as necessary before any matting assembly starts.
  • You must level and compact the IPEMA Certified Playground Safety Surfacing to a dead flat surface.
  • The surface flatness is critical to the finished job.
  • Note, 12 inches of Engineered Wood Fiber combined with our LMADRS Playground Matting as tested gave a critical fall height of over 12 ft.
  • Assemble the individual mats together as you build the playground area to be both safe and accessible.
  • Assemble with Morris 20158 Ultraviolet Nylon Cable Tie with 40-Pound Tensile Strength, 6-Inch Length, Black; Amazon sells them for under $15.
  • They should be installed along each adjoining mating surface/seam, use at least 1 tie for every 5 holes.
  • Ties should then be tightened and cut. Amazon sells Cable Tie Gun Installation Tools for about $15.
  • It is important to cut the ties so the ends are below the top surface of the assembly.
  • On the final outside edge of the assembled matting, the Engineered Wood Fiber should be dug out to allow the outside edge of the assembly to be flush with the other Surfacing.
  • Appearance-wise, some feel cutting the square corners of the final assembled matting to an angle, can add to the appearance of the finished assembly.

Finally, Economical ADA & Mass 521 CMR Compliance For Your Playgrounds.

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