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The Importance of Designing with a Safety Factor versus just designing to a Minimum Critical Fall Height

Are you really willing to accept a Moderate Injury or a Critical Head Injury? You do not have to, and your Kids can have a Bigger Playground for the same money.

The following graph can be found within the technical ASTM 1292/3351 standards. The bottom of the graph shows the Head Injury Criteria (HIC) range from 0 to 3000. The left side shows the likelihood of injury as a percentage while the graph lines are color-coded to reflect the severity of injury as described in the legend on the right and as defined within the standard.

You will note that the 1000 HIC requirement set forth in the standard is the point at which a critical head injury begins to depart from zero, and the likelihood of a minor injury is about 95%.

The ASTM 1292/3351 standards illustrate the relationship between HIC and Gmax levels and the likelihood of various injury types.

20 ft CFH Playground Accessibility Matting, ADA & Mass CMR 19.7 Compliant, Economical, and Maintenance Reducing Playground Safety Surfacing and 16 ft CFH IPEMA Certified Playground Surfacing

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